Scent-sational Searches

Find Your Fragrance by Blood & Personality Parallels

With her professional experience in the fragrance industry, Deborah Worley’s pursuit for answers to her curiosity led to the writing of SCENT-SATIONAL SEARCHES, a guide to finding the perfect perfume for each and every one.



For author Deborah Worley, life is made up of questions that ask “why”, and the only way to get answers is to explore around one’s curiosity. Her eagerness to learn led Deborah to formulate a fragrance theory that urged her to write a book. Scent-Sational Searches is the product of Deborah’s years of research and experience as a top perfume sales representative.

As a service man’s kid, Deborah always strived for perfection. She discovered that, beyond school and seminars, life itself is the best educator there is. When she isn’t working with fragrances, Deborah enjoys the birds that frequent her backyard or as she calls it, her “happy place.”


“My life’s experience in the medical arena had taught me that a person’s body chemistry definitely determined the effect of certain foods and drugs that were ingested. Some were good, and others were not so much. I decided that the same must surely be true about the use of fragrances and other scents. It’s another facet of chemistry! So I decided to learn more about how our bodies respond to what we spray and rub into it and what, if any, was its correlation to blood types.”

Deborah Worley
Scent-sational Searches




This is the book to reference when purchasing Fragrance for yourself or someone special. This helped me find my perfect scent. O+ blood type and my match is Chanel Chance Tendre😊


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Stop smelling and read this!

Favorite author!


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